The Second Life Monthly Numbers(As of Feb. 10th 2011)

10 Feb

Second Life Size:

Total Sims on the Main Grid: 31560(+45 Sims since 1 month ago)

General:4861 Moderate:24210 Adult:2473 Offline: 16

Linden Owned: 6779(+118 Sims since 1 month ago)

General:1594 Moderate:4834 Adult:346 Offline: 5

Private Estates: 24781(-73 Sims since 1 month ago)

General:3267 Moderate:19376 Adult:2127 Offline: 11

Total Resident Signups:

22135532(+383056 Signups since 1 month ago)


  •  Want to see other kind of data? Feel free to comment which Data you would like to see and I will report it monthly making it easier for people to read.

All data is from Grid Survey.


Should Second Life connect to Facebook?

10 Feb

I believe that Second Life should be advertised on Facebook, and maybe even create a browser viewer that people can access to from FaceBook. Ofcourse you must register your account at the place of linking your FaceBook to your Second Life account. As far as Second Life having a web-browser for Facebook, it would be bringing high amounts of activity within the game. Something Second Life could use.

Hopefully in the future Linden Labs can complete the web-browser and add it to facebook so that we can have more in-world activity.

And The Teen Grid has transfered!

24 Jan

It’s great to finally note that all of the Teen Grid has transfered and all of it was good! The continent has crossed over smoothly with no interruptions and all sims made it to the main grid. Many places for MG residents to visit. And also many places for the ex-teen griders now main griders to visit!

Welcome to the Main Grid guys! Enjoy your stay =]

Record numbers for Sulake, owner of Habbo Hotel

6 Jan

As the year 2010 has closed it’s doors, it’s about time that online virtual worlds were to post up their earnings! From this post, it seems that Habbo Hotel has had some very record breaking numbers in the year 2010.

8.7 Million active users in the past month(December)

42.5 Million active unique users over the year 2010

199 million users ever registered.

Residents have spent a total of 400 million hours over the entire year.

16.5 million users spent over 10 hours each.

 Congratulations to Sulake for these record breaking numbers, and hopefully the online virtual world keeps on growing!

The Second Life Monthly Numbers(As of the 3rd January)

3 Jan

Second Life Size:

Total Sims on the Main Grid: 31515(-34 Sims since 1 month ago)

General:4533 Moderate:24594 Adult:2370 Offline: 18

Linden Owned: 6661(+22 Sims since 1 month ago)

General:1485 Moderate:4829 Adult:346 Offline: 1

Private Estates: 24854(-56 Sims since 1 month ago)

General:3048 Moderate:19765 Adult:2024 Offline: 22

Total Resident Signups:

21755776(+277020 Signups since 1 month ago)


  • The amount of sims has dropped from last month by 34 sims overall.  The amount of linden owner sims keeps on rising compared to the Private estates count that just keeps on dropping. This is a new low for it; -56.
  • Adult rated private regions have went up from 1958 to 2024, many reasons as to why. The main one is the TG + MG Merge which is supposed to be currently under progress.
  • The total resident signups is still well over the 250k mark. The amount of new residents has dropped compared to last month, which was at: 347067.

All data is from Grid Survey.

Laptop problems!

3 Jan

Recently I was unable to enter Second Life due to my laptop failing! 😦

Rest assured I have purchased a new laptop, and awaiting it’s arrival!

I will continue to post news about the Metaverse, sadly not Second Life for the next few days, maybe weeks.(hopefully not)

Minecraft – What is this game about?

17 Dec

So I have been hearing recently allot about Minecraft and started to wonder what it was all about. So i went on it’s website and I decided to try out the free version just to get an idea. I start playing and the first thing I do was destroy ground under me by clicking. Woops! So i destroyed my way up to the surface. Then I go on a destruction spree destroying everything on my way 😛

Then I decide to try to build my self a house, and I failed!! 😦 I think the block I used was concrete or something like that. It was a fun game 🙂

Worth trying!