Teen Grid Map Empty!

30 Aug

As the back to school month makes it’s way upon the lives of teens all over the world, Teen Second Life is one of the places that emptys up quickly.

As Linden Lab announced the Future of the Teen Grid, teens who are under the age of 16 no longer have a reason to play Teen Second Life, leading them to quit! Both of these announced events affect the Teen Grid in big foot steps, as teens spend more time on doing there homework and more time on school then playing in Teen Second Life. Main Land activity slows down and private region activity also hits a brick wall. Teen Grid real estate slows down and sales for entrepreneurs decrease by a reasonable amount.

Famous armys like the Valkyrie Alliance were forced to stop service due to the low amount of activity. The future of the Teen Grid will soon come to an end, some hope if it could even come sooner then the 31st of December

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