What Teens around TSL think of the current Emerald situation

2 Sep

Just recently, Linden Labs required that the most famous TPV would need to meet a few requirements before it can be back up on the Third Party Viewer list. But not being able to meet these requirements, the Emerald developping team announced that they will no longer be releasing any updates, and that it would only be a matter of time before LL decides to fully block emerald from Second Life. Many Teen Second Life residents use Emerald Viewer instead of all the other viewers, so recently, I found my self 3 users that were Emerald users and that agreed to answer a few of my questions.

I asked these Teen Second Life residents what did they think about the recent demands that LL had made on the developping team and if Emerald was to be fully banned, which other third party viewer would they chose to use?

mmm.. well, I think it’s kinda bogus. I mean, if Emerald was going to suddenly attack them with a virus woudln’t they have done it a long time ago? It may be in response to the grid merge ( speculation of course) but I suspect that it was just some guy who reprogrammed Emerald to his own uses.  I’d have to do  a lot of looking around. Viewer 2 was ok for me. I liked it really. But it just stopped working.
– Kan Meridoc

 I think LL is taking it to an extreme level. It’s stupid what they’re doing, considering 1/2 of all logins are from Emerald and they’re just going to make them stop. Also, if Emerald is banned, I’ll probably use Combat Cubed.

– Vince Horatio

The demands are unbelievable. And I would probally use hippo.

– Grimm Winterwolf

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