Goodbye to Jack Linden!

17 Dec

Jack Linden say’s goodbye to Linden Labs and the Second Life community as he set’s sail for a whole new adventure. Jack Linden has been part of the Linden Lab team for 6 years, and his service will never be forgotten! It is sad to see him leave and hopefully someone as great as him will replace him to lead Second Life. Thank you for all the 6 years Jack, we wish you best! And hope to see you pop up somewhere else around the metaverse!
Best regards!


Habbo – Sulake’s first half of the year report

14 Dec

On Sept. 6 2010, Sulake’s CEO Timo Soininen announced some pretty impressive number’s for Habbo hotel.

The company made โ‚ฌ29.8 million in it’s first half which is a 20% increase going against the first half of 2009.

Habbo Hotel get’s 15 million unique visitors.


150 Countries in 11 different languages.

And the players spend a total of 45 million hours a month on Habbo Hotel.

Google makes it’s Voice recognition systems better and better

14 Dec

According to this article. The internet giant wants to do it again. It want’s to have a possibility to search through a voice-recognition system for it’s Android and iOS platforms. The system isn’t accurate but Google hopes to make it more accurate! What could this mean for the future of phone conversations? Allot!

This is something that is very interesting and I will sure be keeping an eye on it.

Going from “Second Life Blogger” to “Metaverse Blogger”

13 Dec

The title say’s it all, most of my posts will remain about Second Life, as that is about 99% of my online time. But I might be adding some posts from time to time about various different places around the Metaverse. For all the ones who don’t know what “Metaverse” means, it simply is the online world! Cool name for it too. My posts will remain 99% Second Life, and 1% Metaverse.

Do you spend alot of Ls?

13 Dec

I usually find myself not spending many Linden Dollars on Second Life. I never know if it’s because I can’t find the stuff that i like, or if it’s because my real life habits are turning to becoming SL habits. ๐Ÿ˜›
It’s always fun to have cool new clothes, furniture, beds, gadgets. I usually find myself making me all of that stuff, so i rarely feel the need to buy new stuff. Anyone in the same situation as me?

The monthly number’s of Second Life!(As of Dec. 8th. 2010)

10 Dec

Second Life Size:

Total Sims on the Main Grid: 31549(+41 Sims since 1 month ago)

General:4519 Moderate:24704 Adult:2034 Offline: 22

Linden Owned: 6639(+54 Sims since 1 month ago)

General:1485 Moderate:4808 Adult:346 Offline: 0

Private Estates: 24910(-13 Sims since 1 month ago)

General:3034 Moderate:19896 Adult:1958 Offline: 22


Total Resident Signups:

21478756(+347067 Signups since 1 month ago)



  • The number ofย  private estates is in a decline that is not something to worry about. A small sum of 13 sims gone is nothing big, if the decreasing amount was to reach 100 sims, then the amount would be rather significant. Less residents who spend money, the less private estate owners will have to fund there sims.
  • In overall, the main grid grew by 41 sims, all this thanks to the Linden owned regions which rose by a 54 in the past month. Could it mean that people are tired of sims so they move back to main land?
  • The total resident signups increased by an impressive 347067. I can’t point down if people are finding out more about Second Life or current residents are creating alt accounts.


All data is from Grid Survey.

Love Mart is slowly coming up on the Marketplace!

9 Dec

Oh boy.. how I wish that the marketplace was a much easier thing to use, take’s for ever for one single item to be put up ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
I managed to put up 2 couple poses the # 4 & 5, the rest will come up in the next week or so, I will also be putting up the Female Single Sit # 1 to 5. Prices should all be the same, the Couple Poses at 30L$/each couple pose. Might create fatpacks for those things ๐Ÿ™‚

All modeling poses will be put up shortly, and all the couple poses should be up in 2 weeks.

As for an in-world store, I am not sure for now. More on that will be posted to keep everyone updated! :]